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The Deuce Show features all bands and artists registered with Deuce Management & Promotion and is presented by Joe Ferrett and Matt Barker.

As well as being available on Podcast, the show is also broadcast on over 35 radio stations worldwide who have accepted the offer of including the show in their programming schedule. These range from Internet and University to Digital and FM stations with combined listening figures of over 100,000 people.

Bands and artists featured on the show may also have the opportunity to be interviewed if they are seen publicising the exposure they are receiving on The Deuce Show to their fan base. By taking this approach, more and more people will get to hear about the show and will also hear about the radio stations broadcasting it at the same time.

Radio stations broadcasting the Deuce Show include in no particular order:

97.3 The Rock:  Every Wednesday from 1am (California time)

Radio Cardiff:  Every Sunday from 3am (GMT)

Radio Andra - Every Thursday from 8pm (CEST) and Sunday from 8am CEST)

UWS Radio - Every Friday from 7pm(GMT)

KWSS 106.7 FM - Every Saturday 6pm US Mountain Time

Spain's Heart FM - Every Monday 7pm (Spanish Time)

KROCKS Radio - 7am(PST) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Radio Saltire - 11pm (GMT) Every Friday

UK Undiscovered – 4pm (GMT) Every Saturday

RFTK Radio – Every Friday 6pm-8pm (GMT)

Jump Radio – Monday and Thursday 12pm (GMT)

Venture Radio – Every Wednesday at Midnight (GMT)

Sound Machine Radio – Every Wednesday and Friday at 6pm (EST)

Musictogousa - Every Friday at 8pm (EST)

New Artist Radio - Click HERE to listen to the show

Leith FM - Every Friday 2am-4am (GMT)

Radio Emergenti - Visit website for scheduled times

Dekadance Radio - Every Wednesday from 9pm (EST)

Butterflies Radio - Every Monday from 8pm (EST)

IRN - Every Sunday from 5pm (EST)

Apollo Radio - Every Friday from 8pm (GMT)

Pirate Radio Of The Treasure Coast - Every Monday from 4am (EST) and Saturday from 11pm

Kint98 - Every Tuesday from 8pm (Mountain Time)

Dover Community Radio - Every Saturday from 8.30pm (GMT)

East Manchester Radio - Every Wednesday from 6pm (GMT)

Eye Rocks Radio - On regular rotation

QFR - Wednesday from 7pm (GMT) and Sunday from 2pm (GMT)

Kent’s Krypt - Saturday from 7pm  (EST)

Urock Radio - Tuesday 9pm (EST)

Stones Live! - Regular rotation throughout the week

Love Music FM EXTRA - Tuesday 2pm, Thursday, 10pm, Friday 7pm and Sunday 10am (GMT)

The Penguin - Monday 8pm (EST)

KUBE Radio - Every Sunday from 1pm (GMT)

Panama Rock Radio - Every Thursday from 10pm (ET)

Q Star Radio - Every Sunday from 8pm (EST)

Treble Rocks Radio - Every Saturday from 12pm (PST)

Localized Radio - Every Wednesday from 9pm (EST)

Cross Counties Radio - Every Friday from 10pm (GMT)

Rockers Dive Radio - Every Friday from 3pm and Tuesday from 5pm (EST)

REAL AM.CA - Every Friday from 8pm and Saturday from 12pm (Atlantic Time)

Atlantic Radio K - Every Friday from 7pm (GMT)

Mersey Radio -  Every Friday from 6pm (GMT)

Radio Arcadia - Every Thursday from 8pm (EST)

Radio Relaxo - Every Monday from 8am  (EST)

KDDR Radio - Every Sunday from 9pm (ET)

Work Place Radio - Every Tuesday and Sunday from 12pm (UTC)

Full Gamut Radio - Every Thursday from 9pm (Central Time)

M.A.D FM - Every Thursday from 7pm (NZT)

Akaroa FM - Every Sunday from 8pm (NZT)

Triangle Variety Radio - Every Wednesday from 8pm (Eastern Time)

Galaxy Gold Radio - Every Sunday from 4pm (GMT) and every Tuesday from 2am (GMT)

College Underground Radio - Every Saturday from 12pm (EST)

Wide Radius Radio - Every Friday from 8pm (Central Time)

K107 - Every Sunday from 9pm (GMT)

Hull Online Radio - Every Wednesday from 9pm(GMT)

Krystal Radio - Every Tuesday from 6pm (GMT)

Breeze Radio - Every Sunday from 2pm (GMT)

Russia Speaks - Every Saturday from 6.25pm (Russia time)

CA Indie - Every Tuesday from 6pm (Pacific Time)

Deuce Show

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